Tricky Tardigrades


“Tricky Tardigrades” is a lively and melodic piece in which the steady cascade of notes requires moderate skills. It should be played with lightly controlled dynamics and tempo. Close attention to the accented sub-melody notes will give a lovely contrast to the primary melody line.

My music scores are deliberately spare in terms of dynamics and
tempi indications. Deliberately so. In the past thirty years more and more classical musicians are taking what would once have been considered “excessive liberties” with the written scores. Sometimes with disastrous results but more often with fresh and exciting interpretations.

I am excited by the possibilities of the performers breaking away from the straitjacket performances of the past and joining the composer in the act of creation.

Join in and enjoy!


Click on the link below to download the full score↓

Tricky Tardigrades  

And to listen to a live performance↓



♥   Tardigrades are truly weird little creatures.  Sometimes called “water bears” these tiny (.02 inch) animals are among the most resilient on earth, capable of surviving extreme conditions which could include global mass extinction events such as meteorites or supernovae. Although water-dwelling, they can survive without food or water for more than 30 years.  I am fascinated by the possibility of certain unique Tardigrade proteins (Dsup) which have been shown to protect against DNA damage from X-rays being applied to human cells.

♥   Why this title for this piece?   Good question.  I filed the incomplete score among a sea of other stuff.  So I’d be able to  locate it quickly, I saved it under the most improbable name I could think of  … “tardigrade”.  When it came time to publish, that quirky name held fast.   I succumbed and kept it.






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