“Moody Melody for the Left Hand”

Moody Melody is one of the rare pieces written for the left hand alone.  Of all the popular musical instruments, only the piano offers the complete range of  88 notes most usually used in Western music.  And several notes can be played simultaneously which allows for a wonderful harmonic richness.

Confining oneself to a single hand … particularly the usually less dexterous left one …  is in itself both a challenge to the performer as well as the composer.  Something I discovered very quickly when my sister* requested a piece of music which she could play with only her left hand after shoulder surgery.

The first problem of course is the reduced scope for harmony.  Which is the composer’s particular challenge.   But the performer is faced with the even greater difficulty of moving smoothly over a wide range of notes with the normally weaker hand.  The only way to accomplish this is to use the pedal liberally to “hold” the notes together and minimize gaps and to relax while boldly lifting the hand off the keyboard when attacking far-flung notes.

Liberal use of pedal is essential  …


Click on the link below to download the full score↓

Moody Melody for the Left Hand


And to listen to a live performance↓




The lovely lady gracing the top banner is my sister, Dr. Darrell Tomkins who is a noted photographer and lover of the piano.  And the genesis and inspiration for this piece.








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