“Truth” from “Six Little Quark Waltzes”


A charming and lively little waltz which features a gently flowing melody enhanced by simple triplets. In the middle section the introduction of a few dotted eighth notes allow a good opportunity to contrast the subtle rhythm variance between dotted notes and triplets.  But the notes are easy and the bass accompaniment features a very few basic chords. A good choice for students learning to  use the pedal  effectively since a single easy change for each measure will suffice to keep a smooth legato.


Click on the link below to download the full score↓

Waltz No 5 “Truth”

      And to listen to a live performance↓

What is a “Quark” waltz?

Good question. It’s a mixture of quantum physics and pure whimsy on my part.

According to the Standard Model in particle physics,   quarks are  elementary particles and are  the fundamental constituents of matter.   There are six types and the names assigned to them by some of the most serious thinkers in the world are so delightfully silly that I was inspired to create siz waltzes corresponding to the six recognized types of quarks.  Up and Down, Charm and Strange  … and Truth (or Top) and Beauty (or Bottom).     Each pair are a positive and negative.
 The Top or Truth Quark  is the most massive of all observed elementary particles.  It was discovered at Fermilab in 1995
Nobel Laureates, Kobayashi and Maskawa.
You have to love the physicists who dream up these names.     Makes Quantum Theory a lot more fun!  
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