“Aurora” Prelude in G Minor

A lovely melodic piece which encourages a romantic and fluid performance. Tricky Don’t be afraid of a little exaggeration here and there  … there are no strict tempo constraints.  “Aurora” offers a good opportunity for the intermediate student to show off a bit.   Observe the “rolling” chords and play them with a bit of a flourish.  The middle section requires some finger dexterity to play up to speed and for clarity and eveness, some slow and steady practice will be required.





Click on the link below to download the full score↓

“Aurora” Prelude in G Minor


 And for a Live Performance↓








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2 Responses to “Aurora” Prelude in G Minor

  1. Ghosthand says:

    Very nice little piece; I’ve downloaded it now. As I can sense a certain Christmas flavour in it – probably just me? – I hope to learn it for the upcoming holidays.


    • nikkitytom says:

      So glad you liked “Aurora”. Never thought about the Christmas flavor, but perhaps unconsciously it crept in when I was composing it. I hope you enjoy your holidays and am so glad my music will be part of it for you.


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