“Sherwood’s Forest”


A lovely piece which recalls the motion of tree branches swaying in a summer breeze.  Begin with a very relaxed left hand, which drops onto the keys and lifts in one fluid movement as the melodic notes are taken over by the right hand.  Emphasize this passing back and forth of the two and three note motifs between the hands to produce a sort of acoustic “ballet”.

The mood is relaxed and “Sherwood’s Forest” offers a great opportunity to practice the rhythmic ebb and flow of “rubato” playing.


Sherwood Forest clip

Click on the link below to download the full score↓

Sherwood’s Forest

 And for a Live Performance↓




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One Response to “Sherwood’s Forest”

  1. waikikian888 says:

    I see it now—Robin and his band of merry men galloping thru the sun -dappled woods, happily carefree… The picture is clear in the mind’s eye and the music runs along a babbling brook, pausing lightly before going over the falls into a quiet pond of lilies below. A tone poem worth listening to on such a day!

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