A lovely expressive piece composed to demonstrate the magic of a performing technique often overlooked by teachers and rarely taught to their students.   Which is the subtle distortion of rhythm to conveys emotion.  When used judiciously, Rubato is the hallmark of every great performance.

Young students are almost never informed of this technique and are somehow expected to “absorb” it by listening to their teacher.   And many teachers ignore rubato entirely in their focus on the correct notes and counting.  But rubato is the heart and soul of music.  It is the emotional connection between the written score and the individual musician.

I have titled this piece simply “Rubato”.



Merriam Webster defines “Rubato” as a fluctuation of tempo within a musical phrase, often against a rhythmically steady accompaniment


Music clip rubato


 Click on the link below to download the full score↓


 And for a Live Performance↓


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One Response to “Rubato”

  1. waikikian888 says:

    A truly delightful and wistful composition at the end of Spring, a “dessert ” which leaves one longing for more…


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