Meadow Lark




A charming and melodic piece   I have deliberately left the choice of mood, tempo and dynamics up to the performer so as to make allowance for a few tricky portions which introduce “thirds” in the right hand.  Played Allegro  … it is lively with a touch of flash.  But played more slowly it can morph into a more fluid and expressive mood.  The choice is up to you.

The main technical problem is to be found in the repeated “thirds” which require a very relaxed hand.   In bar 9, the pianist should drop onto the descending thirds, bouncing slightly on each pair.  In bars 20 and 22 there is a trick fingering.  Bouncing from a 5/1 to a 4/2 in an easy relaxed manner will make those thirds easier and smoother.

This piece should be played in a lively but delicate manner.

To download the complete score click on the blue link below 

Meadow Lark


And to listen to a live performance of  “Meadow Lark”





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One Response to Meadow Lark

  1. waikikian888 says:

    A delightful composition which is transitioning from moderately easy to complex, Mozart-reminiscent passages. I can imagine the piece accompanied by a chamber orchestra in a large hall with a concert grand piano. Thanks to Ms. Ty-Tomkins anyone can use this piece gratis to do just that.


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