“Sparkle” … “Dents de Poule”




Sparkle is a lively and melodic piece for intermediate pianists. Special care should be taken to keep the tempo steady with triplets and duplets clearly defined.   Don’t begin too quickly because the triplets build up into a fairly brisk pace demanding some finger dexterity.

The subtitle “Dents de Poule” is a wry reference to the unusual frustrations this particular piece presented to the composer.  “Dents de Poule” translates to “Hen’s Teeth” … an old English reference to pulling non-existent teeth from a bird, which is obviously something exceptionally arduous.  “Sparkle” began to live up to its name only after being abandoned  several times, then chopped and spliced and transposed.

Finally it came together.   The result is a richly melodic and appealing piece.  Enjoy!


Music clip


Click on the link below to download full score


And watch a live performance here↓








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