Waltz Whimsy


MediumThis charming and piquant little waltz features a steady and easy-to-play bass.   A lovely modulation from D minor to the relative F major in the middle section offers a subtle change of mood.  There are few performance indications on the score … so the choice of tempo and dynamics is up to the performer.   ( A new idea I am promoting, since so many established concert pianists seem to blithely ignore the composer’s indications anyway. )

Enjoy and experiment with tempi and dynamics.   Add rubato is you like.   Participate with me in creating the music.



 Click on the link below to download full score↓







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2 Responses to Waltz Whimsy

  1. Excellent Mazurka! Very Chopinlike!


    • nikkitytom says:

      Aha … you are clever. I didn’t realize when I named this piece a “waltz” .. that is it indeed more in the Mazurka style, with an accent on the first of the three beats rather than the Viennese waltz style, which emphasize the second two . Good catch!


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