“Up” from “Six Little Quark Waltzes”


This charming little piece is one of six easy and melodic waltzes I created for beginning students.  There are only three chords in the left hand and one of those in an inversion, so the left hand should be almost automatic.  Then you can concentrate on the third and fourth lines in which the right hand does execute some rather fancy fingerings.   But if you remember to tuck the thumb under and practice this maneuver slowly and firmly, it can eventually be brought up to speed.

And the performer can choose his own tempo.  Play it slowly with a slight accent on the first note of each measure, in true waltz style.  Or rev it up a bit and make it sparkle as a lively prance.

Quark waltz 1

 Click on the link below to download the full score↓

Quark Waltz 1 UP

      And to listen to a live performance↓



What is a “Quark” waltz?

Good question. It’s a mixture of quantum physics and pure whimsy on my part.
According to the Standard Model in particle physics,   quarks are  elementary particles and are  the fundamental constituents of matter.   There are six types and the names assigned to them by some of the most serious thinkers in the world are so delightfully silly that I was inspired to create siz waltzes corresponding to the six recognized types of quarks.  Up and Down, Charm and Strange  … and Top and Bottom.     Each pair are a positive and negative.
quark protonHere is a Proton.  It’s composed of three quarks … two ups and one down.  They are held together by “gluons” which are indicated by those little white squiggly strings.
You have to love the physicists who dream up these names. Makes
Quantum theory a lot more fun!      


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