Sonatina No. 2 Opus 420 (First Movement)


Written in a minor key … G minor … this Sonatina adheres only loosely to the demands of the classical Sonata form.  The transition from the principal minor key to the relative major is an awkward one and requires some gentle bending of rules to work smoothly. Which is perhaps the reason that of  the dozens of Sonatas and Sonatinas written by Mozart and Haydn, Mozart wrote  only five in a minor key and Haydn contented himself with two.

 Ty-Tomkins will probably produce only one, since the animosity of the required relative major key jousting with the princioal minor one was unnerving.

sonata 2 1st mov

Click on link below to download full score

Sonatina_No 2

And here’s a live performance.   Enjoy! 





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