Sonatina No.1 Opus 420 ( Second Movement) “Fugue”


While Haydn and Mozart most often chose a Menuet/Trio  or an Andante for the second movement of a Sonata or Sonatina, I have broken tradition by opting for a fugue.

When I completed this two part fugue, carefully weaving the two voices together,  I quickly realized why more seasoned composers than myself had selected  the Menuets or Andantes for the middle section.   It was to give the perfomer and the listener a break between the often more difficult first and third movements of the piece.

This fugue is not easy to play.   The relentless flow of notes … without a pause … requires considerable fluidity and absolutely automatic finger memory.   There is no time to think about the next note or notes.   You have to keep going.

Tip:   Begin very very slowly, being careful to keep the same fingering as you practice.  Try to play firmly using the A.P. ( aggressive practice) technique I have described in another post on this  site.   Never play faster than you can without interrupting the steady flow of the notes.   Slow and absolutely even is the trick to this fugue.

Fugue clip

To download the complete score, click the link below

Fugue Sonatina 1

To listen to the music, click here






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