Sonatina No. I Opus 420 (First Movement)


By tradition, Sonatinas are simplified and shorter versions of the Sonata form, which is the basis for the main body of classical music.  Even symphonies are written in this popular format.  Clementi’s Six Sonatinas Opus 36 are a staple in most piano students’ repertoire and along with the Kuhlau Sonatinas are considered an excellent introduction to the more complex works by Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn.   But these wonderfully melodic pieces are too difficult for the beginner and there’s a big gap between the simplified and over-edited “arrangements” offered in the first few graded music primers and these gems.

So I have written a series of Sonatinas using the traditional form with easier chords and less complex rhythms so that a budding musician can experioence a taste of what awaits him when he reaches a level when he can handle the great masters.  These sonatinas offer a gentle “nudge”  in that direct.   They’re melodic and easy to play and I strive to make sure there is enough finger action to satisfy the student that they are making real music while they’re learning.

♥ I have supplied fingering  … a laborious task … in the hopes to make the learning process easier.   Try to observe the correct fingering from the first note you play and you will cut your learning time in half.  Guaranteed!



Sonatina No 1 clip

Click on the link below to download the full score


Or listen to live performance here ↓






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One Response to Sonatina No. I Opus 420 (First Movement)

  1. 'Amy says:

    very pretty piece of music. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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