Prelude in C minor


A beautiful melody flows over  a deceptively simple pattern of broken chords.  Very easy to learn and play which allows the student an opportunity to concentrate on emotion and fluidity.  The two-note chords should be played by dropping lightly onto the first note of the pair and then floating off on the following rest.  Lift the hands off the piano and show off a bit.

The melody is particularly lovely and should be played with great expression.  Watch for it shifting in the middle section to the first note of each right hand broken chord.   There’s a little accent on each of those notes.

Don’t forget to slow the tempo and decrease the volume at the close of each marked section and don’t be afraid to exaggerate slightly.   This piece offers the student a great opportunity to feel the music and he should be encouraged to let the hands and body respond  … to give a real “performance”.    It’s easy music and  when played well sounds much more impressive than the simple notes would suggest.

 Have fun with this piece. It’s one of my favorites.

 Prelude in C clip


Click blue link above to download the complete score.


Listen to Prelude in C played by the Happy Piano Muse

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