Skater’s Waltz


A very easy little piece which features a pretty waltz melody floating over a very simple left hand.   There are only two bass chords.  The hand position remains the same for the first and last sections of the music, thus allowing the pianist to focus on the right hand.

This piece gives the student a fine opportunity to learn how to vary the dynamics of the treble and bass registers.   The melody must always be dominant.  So for the first and final sections care must be taken to play those left hand chords much softer than the right hand melody.  There is a brief section in the middle of the piece, when the melody shifts to the left hand.  Here we must be sure that the dynamics are reversed and the right hand chords are proportionately softer.

Skater’s Waltz is a waltz and shouldn’t be played too quickly.  There is a slight emphasis on the first note of each measure which gives the characteristic rhythm of the waltz.

Skater's Waltz


Click link above to download complete score







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