Valse Triste



This is deceptively easy little waltz  with very simple chords accompanying a lovely melody.  It was written for  piano students of all ages who have just mastered two octaves worth of notes and are now in that woeful  ” donut gap”  between the boring and frequently dissonant  pieces such as “Johnny Jump Up ”  and the beautiful little gems by Mozart and Bach.

Maintain the gently wistful mood of this little waltz by not rushing the tempo and by being very careful to keep the chords in the background.  Remember that these chords are only an accompaniment to the main melody and should never be banged out harshly.   You can easily add the pedal … one quick change on the first note of each measure.

Valse Triste Clip

I’ve uploaded this piece in a standard PDF  file format   ….   Just click this link below for the full score.


  This will give you a nice legible score when printed on standard 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper.  If you use heavy white card stock, you’ll find the pages are durable and easy to flip through on the piano music rack.







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2 Responses to Valse Triste

  1. This is so beautiful!
    Already download the score, will print it tomorrow in my office, can’t wait to play it.
    Just discovered your blog full of treasures!
    Thank you for sharing them so generously.


    • nikkitytom says:

      And thank you for your kind words. My greatest pleasure is to follow my views and downloads and realize that so many people around the world are playing my little pieces. It’s pure joy!


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