Prelude in F Major



This lovely little Prelude from “Easy Music for Budding Pianists” is written in the  style of Mozart and Haydn.

With only a very few chords and the traditional A B A format, it encourages the student to make a transition from the early music printed in standard primers to the classics by the great masters.  And it does so with a charming melody and avoidance of the dissonances which so confuse students still struggling with their notes.

The first and last sections are very easy with a simple melody floating over a bass consisting of only three different broken chords.   The middle portion is a little more challenging.  The melody shifts to the left hand, which should maintain a smooth legato while the right hand lifts and falls gracefully over it.  By concentrating on the smooth bass melody, it will be easier to let the right hand hop from single notes to note groups with ease.

Prelude in F Maj clip

 Prelude in F Major

Click the link above to download complete score








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One Response to Prelude in F Major

  1. What a talented young lady you are. I like your music. Keep up the great work!

    You have a standing invitation to visit my music website. The link is below.

    Best regards,

    Larry G. Alexander
    (From the piano forum)


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