Autumn Breeze


This is a companion piece to Mountain Melody.   It is also written in a minor key and boasts a  lovely melody in the treble clef, which floats easily over a simple left hand combination of only  three chords.  The student must be instructed to play the left hand chords very softly and avoid drowning out the melody.

The middle section is a little trickier as the both hands begin to add a more complex range of notes and beats. And both are moving relentlessly forward with with no easy chords.  This section is a great introduction to the Baroque style in which as many as four separate voices move simultaneously without a break.   It’s important to observe the fingering here and develop “hand memory” from the very first practice session.

As he becomes more confident of the the notes, the more confident student can add the pedal, one to a measure.   Remember to  play the last measures more softly and slowly and bring the whole piece to a graceful close.

Autumn Breeze 2


Click the blue link above to download complete score.






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3 Responses to Autumn Breeze

  1. utahryder says:

    Hi! Love your music! I was wondering where the companion piece you mention, Forest Melody, is located on your website. Thanks!


    • nikkitytom says:

      Thank you! I am so sorry but I seemed to have scrambled up my titles. I’m guessing that it must be “Mountain Melody”. I searched through my list and the only reference to a forest is “Sherwood’s Forest”. But it’s a more recent piece and considerably more difficult. I’ll go back and edit in the correction.
      I wish I could follow the tradition of Etudes and Sonatas and Nocturnes with simple Opus numbers, but people prefer the more appealing titles. So I often have to re-title and sometimes become desperate and just use a friend’s name. LOL


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